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Featured in VOGUE UK.
ACTINA was founded in 2012 from Maria Matsouka, an architect with a passion for jewelry. Born and raised in a small Mediterranean island – Cyprus, Maria falls in love with jewelry making at a young age when her godfather gives her a ‘beads and laces jewelry kit’ as a present. Many years later, after finishing her studies in Architecture, she decides to follow her dream and focus on her passion. Nevertheless, her architecture studies have an unmistakable influence on her designs. The designer notes, that the structural way of thinking she developed by studying architecture and the experimentation estrus she carries genuinely as a person both form her work in a very specific way. This duality can clearly be seen in her jewelry, as clear minimal forms, sometimes geometric sometimes abrupt, punctuate one’s beauty without overshadowing it. Every single piece of ACTINA is handcrafted with care and made of high quality materials.


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