Do Twist


Our mission 
DO TWIST brings together emerging designers from all over the world and women seeking the exciting, the inspirational, the unusual twist to their wardrobe. 

Our story 
DO TWIST was born out of the desire for fun, fresh and authentic fashion that tells a story. The story of a creative journey, of craftsmanship, of quality, of a far away country and culture. 
We wanted to create a place that ignites the feeling of excitement when you discover that unique new designer from across the street, from across a border or from across an ocean. And the feeling of pride when everyone asks you where you’ve got THAT stunning piece from! 
Eternally hungry for bold patterns, radiant colours, and exclusive fashion, we started scouring the world for unique design talent so you don’t have to. In fact, some pieces are exclusively created for DO TWIST, so you can be sure not to bump into anyone with ‘your’ favourite pick.

Our concept
We carefully select all our designers and every item on our site is handpicked. Our assortment of emerging brands comes from some of the world's most beautiful corners and vibrant cities, providing a fresh and distinctive alternative to the mass market. 
Rooted in a variety of cultures and geographies, we celebrate independent businesses and are immensely proud of the talent and personalities we work and grow with. 
On DO TWIST, we tell their stories, promote their creations and build the global fan base they deserve. 

Our philosophy
We are an international team of women of different shapes, sizes and colours. We are united by our belief that every woman is unique and so should her style be.
We aim to inspire and empower women around the world to express their individuality, and to be the most beautiful and authentic version of themselves, inside and out. 

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